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So You Have Weeds, Kill Them by Burning Weeds, Burn Garden, Burn Grass

More and more people are Burning Weeds using the latest propane torches. Burn Garden, Burn Grass, burn them away from anywhere. Even Zeroscapes have Weeds Kill them and have fun doing so. With the latest propane torches you can watch weeds disappear almost instantly and get great satisfaction of a one day cleanup.

Weeds Killing Information

Kill weeds the fun way: by burning them alive | DVICE

Kill weeds the fun way: by burning them alive. Pulling weeds up with your hands is no fun. And using chemicals isn’t a great option, as they could seep into the ground and hurt surrounding plants and wildlife. Why not just burn them to …

Publish Date: 05/12/2010 11:31

Secret Organic Weapon for Weeding | Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen

It turns out that boiling water will kill weeds—especially little, profuse patches of weeds in gravel, walkways or rocky areas. I tried it and it works. At first, when you pour the boiling water over weeds they look, well, rather cooked …

Publish Date: 05/24/2010 5:53

Other Non-burning Weeds Kill Techniques

Gardening Tips : Types of Weed Killers

There are many types of chemicals and herbicides that can be used to kill weeds, but a few weeds can be taken out with boiling water, and this will be less damaging to the environment. Discover how to kill weeds with corn gluten meal with help from a…

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